If you’ve taken the time as a business owner to set up a Facebook page for your company, product, or service, you’re well on your way to establishing yourself on the internet. Having a strong social presence should be a big component of your overall digital marketing strategy. However, a Facebook page is not something you can set up and forget about. Instead, it’s important to have regular updates on your page and make sure the information about your business is always up to date.

Here are some tips for improving your business’ Facebook page:

  1. Create a posting schedule that works for you. If your Facebook page only gets one update every few months, there’s a good chance that that one update won’t show up in many of your followers’ newsfeeds. Facebook likes to see pages with regular and relevant posts. Decide how many posts you can commit to on a weekly or monthly basis and try to hold yourself to that number. If you have certain “slow days” at home or work, try posting on those days. You can try to post 2-3 times a week and then also post spur-of-the-moment updates when they come up. If you don’t have any of those random updates happen, you’ll still have your regular 2-3 posts to fall back on.

  2. Add photos. Photos can be uploaded in albums or individually as part of a status update. When many photos are available, try uploading an album. When you only have a few, use one at a time for your normal status updates. Facebook is getting more and more visual, so it’s imperative to have photos to share with your followers.

  3. Design a clean profile photo. Your profile photo should be as simple as possible. This photo appears at a very small size next to your updates. Your followers should be able to recognize your business from your profile photo right away in their newsfeed. Stick with a recognizable logo and/or the name of your business. Do not make your profile photo something with a lot of text or just an image of your business.

  4. Include your address and contact information. If your business has a physical location, add it to your Facebook page. Facebook will then be able to pull in a map to help people find you. Depending on the type of business you run, you should also include your phone number or email address (or both if it makes sense to do so).

  5. Include your website. Social media referrals are very helpful in getting people to your website, so make sure you have a link on your Facebook page. You can do this in the about section, as well as in your status updates when it’s relevant. Make sure and use a link shortener! 

These simple changes can make a big difference for your Facebook page! If you want to learn more about taking your Facebook page to the next level, contact Madhouse Matters today. Our social media experts are ready and willing to help you build a Facebook strategy that will help meet your business goals. We can even manage your social media profiles for you so you can spend more time focusing on your business! Learn more here.