In the last ten years the world has completely changed in terms of the way we communicate. When social media platforms emerged, it offered a very different outlook on life for people across the globe. Social media, combined with the constantly evolving advances of technology and the innovative elements of digital marketing and advertising, has a momentous influence on how we act socially. It also affects what we do as buyers or shoppers and how we carry out business.

Digital marketing is defined as marketing of products or services using digital technologies, not specifically on the Internet, but including mobile phones and other handheld devices, digital display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Traditional marketing is basically any form of promotional or advertising campaign that has a verified success rate within its use, and usually includes print advertising, like newspapers and magazines, or billboards, as well as radio or television campaigns.

Marketing Traditions are Eventually Broken

Traditional marketing techniques are still relevant to an extent, however with the plethora of different platforms for connecting to peers and consumers on a daily basis, your digital marketing is going to play a huge role in how successful you (and your business) will become.

On the other hand, although more traditional techniques are being used less than ever, with new technologies completely taking over our lives, sometimes a cleverly strategic traditional campaign works as good as it always did, if not better. This is because it can actually remind us that our lives aren’t stuck inside a screen.

Although new methods work well in modern times, wholly substituting traditional marketing techniques with digital ones can prove precarious. And the traditional techniques that are still around exist for the simple purpose that they actually work very effectively.

The intelligent thing to do here is to incorporate inventive marketing methods to complement your existing marketing campaigns, like combining a print, or radio campaign with digital advertisements across many platforms that promote your own social media feeds. These methods are the perfect way to interact with consumers, and a great way to generate new business, and build your existing profile.

As far as digital marketing goes however, there are many benefits you may not completely fathom, so below are just some of the ways digital marketing can work for your business, no matter how big or small it is.

Use Branded Content For Consumer Connecting

Branded quality content can be very effective in maintaining a prevailing online presence. The quality and accessibility of your content is crucial to customer convenience and marketing accomplishments.

A clever video can be shared hundreds, thousands or even millions of times a day if people like it, and feel it is relevant. This can be a huge benefit, however can also bring negative feedback just the same, so be smart when you choose your content.

You Can Track Everything

Digital campaigns can help you to define your ideal customer and define your business goals through tracking analytics. You can track your customers from the first interaction and throughout their consuming journey, their, decisions and preferences, and will give you a factual insight into your customer behavior.

Real Time Results

You no longer have to wait weeks or months like in the old days to see results from a marketing campaign. You can see the numbers of visitors to your website instantaneously, you can see how many new subscribers you get every day, and you can see when your clients are online, what demographic they are, and know exactly when they spend money.

There was never a better way to market to your existing clients.

You Can Optimize For Conversions

Not sure what we mean? To put it simply, being in a digital world means analytics brings you data; and with data comes knowledge.

Knowing what your customer’s journey is from their very first click allows you to test and enhance your website for conversion (to sales) on an ongoing basis.

You Have 24 Hour Global Connections With Mobile Customers

Having a solid online presence that is tailored to smart phone and tablet users can sway buying behavior quite easily. Around 82% of mobile users utilise their mobile phones for in-store purchases, and a good marketing campaign aimed at these particular users can increase sales immensely.

Higher ROI (Return On Investment) And Revenue

Increasing your digital marketing reach is a far better way to escalate your revenue than traditional marketing methods because it delivers real data. Tracking leads from pay per click campaigns and evaluating revenue on a per lead basis will help you to appreciate which ads, campaigns, and keywords are generating the most revenue.

You Will Become More Competitive

Digital marketing is how business functions in the digital age we live in. It will continue to do so in the future, yet traditional methods combined with digital campaigns are the best way to go, because the more options you give, the better reach you have.

Now all you have to do is get digital.