While SEO is an “organic” way of earning clicks, it is also a timely method to apply to websites, especially those created without SEO as a part of their initial creation. Pay per click, also known as PPC, is another method to earning clicks to your website on search engines.

How Does PPC Work?
The term “pay per click” refers to the top results identified by a yellow tag, and results on the side of the page on Google.  If a search engine user clicks on the ad, the advertising company is charged a fee on a per click basis. The fee for your advertisement can be determined by an auction, which sells the ad space according to certain search terms and demand. Pay per click services can easily increase website traffic but can more importantly result in a return on investment for businesses.

Pay per click ads usually link directly to an online store or service to be purchased as opposed to the home page of the website. You can choose exactly what link or landing page you want your ad to go to, creating relevancy with the text of the ad. Most companies who use pay per click cover their costs with the revenue they earn from sales made once someone clicks on their ad.

What Are The Downsides of PPC?
While pay per click seems quick and easy, there are downsides. Pay per click can quickly become expensive if potential customers are clicking, but not purchasing your services. Cost can also rise very quickly if the price paid during the auction was high. The higher the selling price for the ad space, the higher the company will pay per click, making a return on investment even more difficult.  Setting a pay per click budget will help eliminate high pay per click costs.

Pay per click is a quick and easy approach to sales and advertising, although it is not an ideal long-term advertising option without frequently updating your ads and content. Pay per click can quickly become expensive as opposed to free options, or making the initial investment in SEO upon the creation of your website. To achieve high return on investments with PPC, it’s best to have a professional optimize your pay per click ads so they are performing at the lowest CPC and highest ROI.


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